Hello there, Greenvillians! You've probably stumbled upon my latest project because 1) you are a student, 2) you are on a budget, or 3) you love Greenville. If any of the above is true, then we already have something in common. How's that for fast friends? Back in Balti Before we get into the ins-and-outs … Continue reading BAL –> GVL


Crucial Blogging Elements: Verified Facts & Storytelling

The rise of digital media is exciting, but it is also somewhat bittersweet. In chapter eight of his book, Writing & Editing for Digital Media, Brian Carroll points out that the increase in digital media publications' popularity has caused traditional media outlets, specifically newspapers, to suffer. Between 2007 and 2011, newspapers were the fastest declining U.S. … Continue reading Crucial Blogging Elements: Verified Facts & Storytelling