Hello there, Greenvillians!

You’ve probably stumbled upon my latest project because 1) you are a student, 2) you are on a budget, or 3) you love Greenville. If any of the above is true, then we already have something in common. How’s that for fast friends?

Back in Balti

Before we get into the ins-and-outs of embracing Greenville, I want to tell you a bit about myself and why I am so passionate about this little piece of the Upstate. I am originally from Baltimore, Maryland. I was born and raised on blue crabs, Old Bay, Ravens games and field trips to Fort McHenry. While I enjoyed my childhood in Baltimore, I was itching to graduate from high school and get down to the South for college.

The beautiful Baltimore skyline. {City Data}

Greenville Girl at Last

My dreams have come true and I now have a South Carolina mailing address. I am in love with it all: the whimsical feel of walking down Main Street at night (I mean, those lights), my super stuffed stomach after a good ol’ Southern biscuit, and the socially accepted concept that hot pink is an appropriate color to wear every day of the year.

Downtown Greenville {Caroline Tucker}

Money Talk

However, I have quickly learned that a city as exciting and growing as Greenville can be hard on my bank account. With so many great restaurants, boutiques, and activities to try, it can be overwhelming. And I have an idea that I am not the only college student who feels this way. This is where I come in: I have explored Greenville enough to give my favorite budgeting hacks to enjoy Greenville guilt-free. It’s the best of both worlds, right?

There are multiple articles on this across the Web, from the Lansing State Journal to TutZone. However, this guide is specifically tailored to Greenville. Look no further!

Giving Back to Greenville

But my advice will not stop there. I also value local businesses who give back to the community and show Greenville the love it deserves. I consider “spending wisely” to also mean being knowledgeable about the character of the businesses I am supporting with my money. And I think you should care about this, too. Small, local business is saves Greenville’s charm and character.

The main topics this blog will cover are:

  1. Dining (Greenville is crawling with foodies)
  2. Shopping (We are in the epicenter of Southern style!)
  3. Recreation (Bike riding, anyone?)


I am eager to get going on this adventure through Greenville with you. Be sure to stop by regularly to read about my latest finds and best tips. Together, we can wisely spend in our amazing college city on a college budget.

THE CCCBottom Line: Knowledge is power. Greenville can be budget friendly to college students with the right tricks up your sleeve. And when we drop some $, we can be mindful of how we are spending by supporting businesses that give back.

Love from GVL,



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