Nothing clears your mind like a good shopping trip. Getting a group of friends together, or even shopping solo, is the cure of all school-related ails.

However, shopping can be expensive and cause more stress than relaxation, especially when shopping for women’s clothing in a city as retail-heavy as Greenville. Whether you are a female fashionista or a financially savvy guy looking for a place to find gifts for special ladies in your life, it’s important to know where to go. So, I have found two stores in downtown Greenville that not only make your budget happy, but also give back to the Greenville community. A total win-win.

Dress Up, Prices Down

The first of these stores is Dress Up. Dress Up is a chain of stores that originated in Dahlonega, Georgia. Danielle Case and her sisters became fed up with the endless stores that carried unexciting clothing at extreme prices, so Danielle and her husband, Derrick, planted their own store in Dahlonega in August 2009. It has been a huge success ever since.

Dress up is particularly popular among high school and college students. Not only are the prices amazing, but there is a well-known program called Dress Up It Girl. This program is divided into two categories, itGirl Mini and itGirl University. The programs give young women in high school and college with substantial social media following the chance to promote Dress Up, receive free clothing and share a discount code with their friends, families and followers. I personally know several It Girls, and they do a great job of advertising Dress Up by wearing their clothing often and sharing their 10% discount code with me. My good friend, Megan Womble, is an It Girl and says of the store, “Dress Up’s mantra is ‘Love People. Love Clothes.’ I admire Dress Up’s mission to let women realize their worth!” For those interested, her discount code is Womble10. These programs are fun and easy ways to save money on already inexpensive clothing by becoming an It Girl or simply using the codes.

Here is an example of a promotional post from a Dress Up It Girl Mini (she’s my cousin!) {Instagram: @eviejohnson98)

Dress Up also regularly gives back to the community by hosting Give Back Nights. During Give Back Nights, a percentage of all proceeds go to a specific philanthropy. For example, Relay for Life has previously partnered with Dress Up to raise money. Sounds like the best kind of retail therapy to me!

Be sure to stop by Dress Up on 103 N. Main Street, Monday-Saturday 10-8 and Sunday 12-6.


Bevello the Beautiful

Right down the street is our next stop: bevello (yes, it is a lowercase “b”). Bevello is for the girls who are looking for high-quality pieces at relatively good prices. For me, bevello is my go-to place for semi-formal dresses and the perfect accessories to elevate any look. It’s also one of the best places in Greenville to find a present for my friends.

Bevello began in April of 2009 in Raleigh, North Carolina and since has opened stores throughout the Southeast. Bevello’s mission is to make its customers feel loved.

“Costomers of bevello should expect nothing less than a unique, love-centric fashion experience. Love your life, love your friends, love your clothes. When you shop at bevello, we want you to feel loved. You won’t just be our beloved customers, but also the beloved of everyone who lays eyes on you.”  –  bevello

Bevello lives up to its mission statement. When I shop at bevello, I can count on finding unique clothing without pressure to purchase from the staff. There is always a great sale section and there are frequent specials. In addition, when you join their rewards program, you receive 10% off your entire purchase when you shop during your birthday month (which means this month is an exciting one for me!).

Furman University students love bevello. Current sophomore Cate Harmon said, “Bevello is always on-trend and dependable as a one-stop-shop for last-minute formals. I always find great pieces at perfect prices there.”

What is also great about bevello is their commitment to fostering community. They always have an ongoing raffle for a private shopping night with friends and discounts. Through bevello, friends can come together and enjoy each other’s company while looking through the store’s fabulous inventory. The Greenville community + great clothes. What could be better?

Shop bevello for yourself on 123 N. Main Street, Monday-Saturday 10-7 and Sunday 12-6.

So, Greenvillians, get out there and shop with no remorse. Spend your money towards good stores with good intentions.

THE CCCBottom Line: Style reaches far beyond designer labels and pricey boutiques. Greenville has great stores that will get you ready to “dress well, test well” while keeping your budget in check. And you’re supporting the community and local philanthropies. Now that’s style.

Love from GVL,



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