G’Bye G’ville

I understand this post’s title is fairly misleading. I’m not actually saying “goodbye” to Greenville forever. But, for a reflection post about my journey and experience with this blog project, it felt clever and just the right amount of sentimental. Becoming a Digital Diva In her article titled “At Last: Youth Culture and Digital Media: … Continue reading G’Bye G’ville


The Great GVL Outdoors

The buzz of a florescent light. The tick of an analog clock. The hum of an air conditioner. These are the sounds that drive college students crazy before too long, which is why some good R&R with the great outdoors is vital to mental health and academic success. There are lots of articles and research … Continue reading The Great GVL Outdoors

Confessions of a (Savvy) Shopaholic

Nothing clears your mind like a good shopping trip. Getting a group of friends together, or even shopping solo, is the cure of all school-related ails. However, shopping can be expensive and cause more stress than relaxation, especially when shopping for women’s clothing in a city as retail-heavy as Greenville. Whether you are a female … Continue reading Confessions of a (Savvy) Shopaholic